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What is a Z Event?
Studio Whimzy offers Z Events each month. Z Events are creative events where each artist completes their own masterpiece using step-by-step instruction. Join us with a group of friends, colleagues or family for a fun and unique experience no matter your artistic ability. We hear people say all the time...."I can't even draw a stick figure!" Well, it doesn't matter! Our events are lead by excellent instructors. We walk you through every step of the process. Z Events are meant to be relaxing and fun. 
Book your own event with a group of friends. Or, join us for an Open Studio Session and pick the masterpiece you would like to create. The complete Z Event schedule is listed below. Register by contacting the studio.

How do I make a reservation?
Studio Whimzy requires a pre-payment or credit card number to make a reservation for an event. If a credit card is used it will not be charged unless there is a cancellation 48 hrs prior to an event. The cancellation fee is $25 per artist reserved. Cash, check and credit accepted. $3 fee added to credit card transactions and checks can be made out to Studio Whimzy.

Reservations are a must! We like a good head count and there are times that we will make changes to the schedule. So, please let us know if you plan to attend-even if it is only a few hours in advance!
Thanks-Studio Whimzy
Prices and details will be listed below for each event.
Umbrella Girl Kreative Kit
*available now*

Kreative Kits include a step-by-step video lesson that is emailed to you after you order. You can pause the video and work at your own pace. It is $15 to purchase the lesson and receive the link.
If you need supplies, order the supply box along with your video and receive paint, brushes, mixing plate, water cup, paper towel, canvas and easel for an additional $15. Supplies included are for one artist and brushes/easels must be returned to Studio Whimzy

 Email us to order or if you have questions!

Spring Tree
Kreative Kit

*available soon*