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Studio Whimzy Bride
Studio Whimzy wants to add a splash of creativity to your wedding season. We have so many options that will bring entertainment and lasting memories to your wedding festivities.
The studio can help gift your wedding party with personalized paintings, notecards or prints. Or, invite your guest to be our guest for an afternoon/evening event where each can create a masterpiece to keep forever that is inspired by the specifics of your wedding. It is always fun to gather the ladies for a "Ladies Night Out" at Studio Whimzy.
Invite Studio Whimzy's owner, Sarah Kathryn Dossett, to create a LIVE painting during your wedding or reception and if you would prefer a canvas creation of your wedding day bouquet she can create a keepsake just for you. You can view photos and a list of options below.
More information will be posted soon.
Live Paintings
-Wedding Ceremonies

Bridal Bouquet Paintings
-Wedding day bridal bouquet can be recreated on any size can
-Wedding party Bouquet Paintings can be created for each wedding party guest as a forever keepsake

Wedding Party Entertainment
-Host an event at Studio Whimzy for your entire wedding party, or just the ladies
-Host a wedding shower at Studio Whimzy and shower the bride while each guest takes home a keepsake of there own

Wedding Party Gifts
-Studio Whimzy can create personalized wedding gifts for the wedding party, mother and father of the bride/groom
-Shop our paintings, notecards or prints for any member of the wedding guest list